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X15 TWS Bluetooth Earphone Review

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The X15 Bluetooth Earphone could be widely used on various devices and daily activities. The ergonomic design ensures that the earphones sits comfortably on your ear while you are working on your job, commuting and jogging. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, the X15 will work equally well.

Key Highlights

Bluetooth 5.0

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers faster pairing with another device, lower power consumption and quicker transmission of sound.

Active Noise Cancellation

The X15 comes with active noise cancellation, effectively soften the environmental sounds. If you love catching up on your dramas or podcast while commuting on public transport, this technology will help to soften the chatters of other commuters. Don't miss your stop though!

Touch Control

No more pressing the earphones against your ears (ouch!). The earphones come with touch sensors that allows you to pause or play your music, switch track, adjust volume, answer or reject a call and even activate Siri by gently tapping on the earphone.

Automatic Pairing

After your first pairing of the earphones, the earphones will be automatically connected to your phone once it is taken out of the charging case. Make sure your bluetooth is turned on before that!


The portable charging case comes with a 300mAh battery and the earphone with a 40mAh Li-ion battery. Go ahead and conveniently recharge the earphones anytime and anywhere. Don't forget the charge the charging case though! Batteries in the charging case can be recharged with a USB Type C cable.

Magnetic Case

The slots for the earbuds in the portable charging case will securely contain the earbuds with magnets. Not to worry, your earbuds will not drop out of the case even if you flip it around. The magnets are strong enough to keep the earbuds in place, but they ain't that strong, so you do not have to worry about having a hard time removing the earbuds as well.


The earphones comes with an IPX3 waterproof rating, which is resistant to water sprays up to 60 degrees. The earphones will be fine as long as you do not soak them into water.

Built-in Microphone

Whether you are a gamer sitting in front of your computer, driving a vehicle, or doing your routine jogging, the built-in microphone enables you to pick up the phone with the press of the button and speak as though you are talking to yourself.


The palm sized overall X15 dimensions are about 6.1cm in length, 4.9cm in breath, 1.9cm in height, and weigh about 70 grams.

Note: Please allow measurements error of 1 to 3mm due to manual measurements.

Supported Bluetooth Profiles

A2DP1.3 / HFP1.6 / HSP1.2 / AVRCP1.6 / D11.3

Touch Control Functions

Our Test

With the decent audio quality, we will focus on the performance of the battery in our test.

Battery Performance

Even with the best performing wireless earphone in terms of audio, a short battery life is more frustrating than mediocre audio quality. Could the portable charging case actually recharge the earphones 3 times and at least 9 hours of playing time? Let's check it out.

Before beginning, the batteries will be recharged till it is 100%. Then, we will start using it from 100% to 0% while logging our usage down.

The last digit on the seven-segment display will blink while it was being recharged with the USB Type C cable. If the earphones are already fully recharged, charging indicators on L and R will not show up, and the LED on the earphones will also not light up.

Red LED on the earphones will light up during charging, and turn green briefly after it has been fully recharged. Once the charging case hits 0% battery, it will stop charging the earphones and switch off by itself. It will have just enough power to show the battery level at 0% when we tried to wake it up again.

The portable charging case was able to recharge the earphones more than three times! Recharged four times to be exact. This meant that you could use this device for at least 15 hours if you have fully charged both the earphones and charging case before using.

Before the battery runs out and automatically disconnects, a "battery low" warning will be played to inform you that it's time to let your ears take a break.

Usage Hours Calculation

  • First use with fully charged earphones = 3 hours

  • Four recharges with charging case: 3 hours * 4 times = 12 hours

  • Total usage: 3 + 12 = 15 hours

Did it really last 15 hours?

On average, each cycle could last about 3 hours with non-stop playing of music. Recharging the earphones to 100% again with the charging case took slightly less than an hour.

The charging case had 5% left after we have completed more than 16 hours of using the X15. Curious about how long the last 5% could last, we recharged the earphones with the last 5%, and it managed to run for another 31 minutes!

In total, the usage duration was 17 hours, slightly more than the first calculated duration and way more than the specified running hours. Effectively, this is enough to last you a whole day or two to three days if you are not a heavy user.

Usage duration observed

  1. 3 Hours 19 Minutes

  2. 2 Hours 56 Minutes

  3. 3 Hours 35 Minutes

  4. 3 Hours 14 Minutes

  5. 3 Hours 25 Minutes

  6. 31 Minutes

Recharging duration observed

  1. 50 Minutes

  2. 53 Minutes

  3. 57 Minutes

  4. 57 Minutes

  5. 8 Minutes

USB charging duration from 0% to 100%

  1. 2 Hours 2 Minutes

Audio Performance

Superb music clarity and excellent stereo output. Bass was just right and acceptable for daily use. Do not expect deep bass for this product.


We did not feel any kind of discomfort when using this product, the design nicely fits the contours of the ears. However, we'd like to caution that comfort is subjective between individuals.


While the music clarity is really good, don't expect too much on the bass. Another drawback is that the charging case get scratches very easily due to its glossy finish.

Whom is this for?

If you are looking for a set of affordable wireless earphones for daily usage to listen to music and make phone calls, this is for you. However, if you prefer having deep bass, perhaps you could look at the Ko-Star K20 which we are offering in our store too!

Where to buy?

The X15 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone is available at our online retail store. Get this from us today!

In the Package

  • 1 piece X15 Bluetooth Earphone and Charging Case

  • 1 piece 0.25m USB Type C Charging Cable

What do you think?

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