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The oval shape replacement ear tips will fit the Airpods Pro earphones. Dust net is attached on each of the ear tip.


Do ensure that you remove the soft and hard covers of your old ear tips (until you see the black speaker) before installing the new ones. The ear tip will not fit on the Airpods Pro if the hard cover of your old ear tips are not removed. The speakers are in black, and not white in colour.


Please note that these are slightly smaller than the ear tips which came together with your Airpods Pro. If you are currently using Size L, we recommend you not to get these as they may not be a good fit for your ears.


Sizes & Dimensions

- S: Outer 9.5mm (left to right) & 11mm (top to bottom), Height 7.4mm

- M: Outer 10.5mm (left to right) & 12mm (top to bottom), Height 7.4mm

- L: Outer 12mm (left to right) & 14.5mm (top to bottom), Height 7.4mm

- Inner: 6.3mm (left to right) & 7.5mm (top to bottom)



- 1 pair (2pcs) Size S replacement silicone ear tips (Black/White)

- 1 pair (2pcs) Size M replacement silicone ear tips (Black/White)

- 1 pair (2pcs) Size L replacement silicone ear tips (Black/White)

Airpods Pro Replacement Silicone Ear Tips

$3.20 Regular Price
$2.10Sale Price
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