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Why Yewgē?

Live life, comfortably

Yewgē have been operating on popular Singapore-based e-commerce platform since July 2020.

At Yewgē, we strive to improve and enhance your life with our carefully chosen selection of home improvement products. A neat and tidy living condition means a comfortable life while you go about your daily activities. We will deliver a seamless shopping experience for you. 

Our sourcing strategies ensures quality products at affordable prices for your enjoyment. We want to understand the products we sell as much as you desire, and present it to you truthfully. 


With 99% satisfied customers, we are extraordinarily grateful for our customers' recognition of the products and services rendered. We know we cannot please everyone, but the valuable feedback has helped us to improved our processes tremendously.

What does Yewgē mean?

Pronounced as "gur",  or 哥 in Chinese mean "Elder brother". Yewgē simply mean "Brother Yew".

Looking forward to serving you soon.

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