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Do you have a chunk of cables lying around? Tidy up your room with the reusable nylon velcro cable organisers. These cable ties can be adjusted to suit your needs.


Device spoilt but the cables are already tied together? No worries you can remove and reuse them again.


Added more devices that adds to the bulk of the cables? You can adjust this cable tie to fit your ideal length. You can also choose to expose either side of the cable tie on the exterior.

You may choose to let either side of the cable tie to face outside.


We also have the T-type and needle type velcro cable tie. Check them out in the other listings.


Multipurpose Application
Other than cable management, you can also use this to bundle up other items such as books, utensils, umbrellas, etc, and even use these for gardening purposes. More uses than we could imagine! 


Which width to choose?
We know that you will be pondering which width suits you best. That depends on your application.


We will recommend you to get the longer width if you'd like to use it to bundle items that are not small, such as laptop adapters, big bunch of cables, and even for gardening, especially for position adjustments of the branches.


Choose the shorter width, if you are using this for small items such as bundling a wired earphone, wired mouse cables, etc.


* Please note that the colours may look slightly different due to angle and lightings. 


Package Includes
- 1 roll of 25-metre reusable & adjustable nylon velcro cable organiser (50mm Black / White)

25-meter Roll of 50mm Reusable Nylon Cable Organiser

$38.00 Regular Price
$34.90Sale Price
  • Goods sold are not refundable and exchangeable

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