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Extra Portable

When folded, every part of the stand will fold in nicely to become flat to enhance the portability without sacrificing the limited space in your bag.


Stable Aluminum Build

Made of premium aluminium alloy, it is designed to be sturdy to eliminate wobbling when typing on your valuable laptop.


Proper Posture For Better Health

The adjustable height and angle allows you to maintain a proper posture, which improves blood circulation and helps you avoid muscle tension, pain and fatigue. Certainly an ideal investment for the long term health benefit.


Embedded with Non-Slip Pad

Non-slip silicone pad on the surface of the stand ensures that your precious laptop does not fall or slide when mounted on the laptop stand.


Improved Ventilation

Ventilation vents designed to provide ventilation and improves heat dissipation underneath the laptop.


Get yours today and say good bye to hot table top after running intensive work on your computer.


Package Includes

- 1 piece Super Slim Aluminium Tablet Stand

Super Slim Aluminum Tablet Stand

  • 1. This product will be dispatched from Singapore.

    2. Tracking number will be provided for tracked shipping methods.

    3. Spend a minimum of $15 to get free delivery within Singapore.

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