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Adjustable Cable Management Tray Setup Guide

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Package Includes

  • 1 set of tray body - 1 inner body & 1 outer body.

  • 1 pair of L-shaped No Drill Mounting Frame with clamps

  • 1 set of 6 pieces foam pads

  • 7 sets of bolts and nuts

  • 1 mini screwdriver

Any other items found in the box are the additional items in the bundle you had purchased.

Product Overview

Detailed Explanation

Detailed Explanation

Step 1 (Optional): Stick Foam Pads

Stick the foam pads on the underside at the top corner of the Mounting Frame, where the tray will be clamped on the tabletop. The foam pads should cover the entire corner of the table. Two pads should be used on each Mounting Frame. This is optional but highly recommended to protect the corner of your table.

Foam Pads Required: 4 pcs

Step 2: Install Mounting Frames

Install the left and right side of the Mounting Frames on the Tray Body with bolts and nuts. Ensure that the frames are mounted at the sides, facing the same direction.

Two bolts and nuts at each side are used to secure the Mounting Frames and the Tray Body. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver, and use your fingers to hold the nut. A spanner may come in handy for extra torque.

Bolts & Nuts Required: 4 sets

Tool Required: Screwdriver

Optional Tool: Spanner

Step 3: Adjust to Desired Length

Estimate the space required for your set up, and adjust the tray to the desire length. Be sure to align to the designated holes for the bolts and nuts.

Secure the desired position by attaching the bolts and nuts at the designated holes. You may wish to hand-tighten these bolts and nuts for a trial run on whether the length is suitable for your set up.

Bolts & Nuts Required: 2 sets

Tool Required: Screwdriver

Optional Tool: Spanner

Step 4: Tighten All Bolts

Tighten all screws with the screwdriver. Similar to step 2, you may use your fingers to hold the nut while tightening the bolt, or use a spanner for extra torque.

Tool Required: Screwdriver

Optional Tool: Spanner

Step 5: Install on the Table

Attach the Cable Management Tray on the tabletop. Rotate the clamps in anti-clockwise direction to elevate and tighten the clamps.

You are ready to use the Cable Management Tray.


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