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Ko-star K20 Quick Start Guide

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  • Unbox

  • Product Overview

  • Pair Bluetooth with your phone

  • Charging your device

  • Headphone touch functions


Once you have opened the box, check that you have the K20 Wireless Earphone. The charging cable is kept in the compartment box below the earphone. Remove the protective sheets attached on the charging port.

Product Overview

Pairing Bluetooth with your phone

Pairing Bluetooth with your phone


  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone

  2. Remove the earphones from the charging case

  3. Select "Pair new device"

  4. Select "K20" under available devices

  5. Select "Pair" when asked to pair with K20

  6. Device connected

After successful paring with the device, the LED on the earphone will flash every 5 seconds when it is connected to your phone.

After the first pairing of this device with your phone, you do not need to pair it again in the future.

Subsequent Connection

  • Turn on your Bluetooth

  • Remove the earphones

  • The earphones will automatically connect to your phone

Charging your device

Charging your device

To charge the charging case, simply connect any USB-A to Micro USB cable (rated 0.3A and above) to the charging port. We observed that only 0.3A will be used to charge the device, it is fine to connect a fast charging cable. However, do note that the charging duration will not be quicken as the current will not change.

To charge your earphones, simply place them back onto the charging case.

Headphone Button Functions

Headphone Button Functions

You may turn off the earphone without placing them back on the charging case. Press the button and hold for 3 seconds, the earphone will be switched off. If this device is not connected to a device for more than 5 minutes, it will shut down automatically.

To switch on the earphone, press the button for 4 seconds. On both instances, a "Power on" or "Power off" announcement will be made in the earphone.

Now we are done with our introduction of this product. Should you have more questions, feel free to drop us a message! 

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